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Protect Your Intellectual Property.

Obtaining patent protection for an invention is a crucial step in turning your great idea into a viable business opportunity.  A U.S. patent awards you the right to prevent anyone else from making, using, or selling your invention in the United States. With this monopoly right you are better positioned to benefit from your creativity and hard work.  Whether you choose to manufacture and market your product, license your ideas, or sell your intellectual property outright, a patent strengthens your position.

Patent Searches with Expert Opinion.

If you are like most inventors you have more than one good idea.  It is also likely that you can't afford to pursue every one of your ideas to completion.  Before you make a significant investment in any one of your ideas it makes good business sense to detemine what intellectual property protections you may be able to obtain on any given idea that you have.  We suggest that a patent search with expert opinion is the best investment that you can make in the early stages of developing your great idea.  A patent search seeks to find the closest prior art to your idea, analyze any overlap that may exist between your idea and the prior art, and provide a detailed understanding of the breadth and depth of the prior art as it pertains to your idea.  With this knowledge you will be able to make highly informed decisions about which of your ideas are stronger candidates for patenting.

Patent Applications for Utilty, Design, Provisional, and PCT. 

Filing a patent application at the earliest time that you are ready is an important step in protecting your intellectual property.  Soon the US will move to a system in which a patent is only granted to the first inventor to apply to the patent office on a new invention.  We stand ready to write, submit, and vigorously prosecute utility, design, or provisional patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on your behalf.  If you choose to enter the international route to foreign patents we are ready to do so on your behalf by making all appropriate Patent Cooperation Treaty applications and filings. 

Prosecution of All Patents Matters at The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We are ready to pursue a wide variety of patent matters on your behalf before the USPTO, including: Prosecution of Provisional, Utility, Design, and Patent Cooperation Treaty applications, Record assignment and license agreements with the USPTO, make maintenance filings for all granted patents, file petitions and appeals on behalf of pending applications.