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Rapid Prototyping.

A prototype of your product serves a number of important purposes.  While there is nothing quite like holding the first working example of your idea, the benefits of prototyping your product only increase from there.  With a physical prototype you may:

  • Obtain early visualization of your product long before commiting to volume production
  • Confirm that your design will function as you intended
  • Evaluate a number of different designs to find the best one based on cost, function, and reliability
  • Obtain feedback from potential business partners who see that your product is a real physical entity that doesn't rely on their imagination to understand 
  • Test your product early with target customers to gauge their reaction and refine your product accordingly
  • Make a small investment during your product development stage to make sure that your later, larger, investment in production and manufacturing assets is well spent

Rapid Prototyping is a set of technologies that we use to manufacture your prototype faster.  It is not uncommon to design a simple mechanical part and have it in your hand the next day.  With our in-house design capability and our rapid prototyping equipment we can accelerate your product development, improve your time-to-market, and  reduce your manufacturing risk.